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We have got a rich and refined kitchen/cooking , we dedicate a special attention to ours little guests and their alimentary intolerance, especially with a celiac menu. It’s on the first floor, and it has got two dining-rooms:

“Nettuno” rooms for breakfast and lunch, and the most classy “Prestige” where there is the dinner.

Our cooking offer you a big choise between national and international dishes, without forget venetian’s traditions and gustoes.
Every day we propose you fresh fish by the local ichthyic market.

In our menu, for lunch and for dinner, there’s always a big vegetable’s buffet cooked and uncooked, an hors-d’oeuvre, and the choise betweens 5-6 first and second course, cooked by our chef, who with the cooperation of the mâitre and him staff offer to you the best to satisfy your desire.
A big choise of fruit and sweet, made by our chef, are the best end of your meal.

We have got also a rich wines’ charter (red; white; rosè; prosecco and champagne) for the good combination of our gastronomic proposal.

Buttonhole for a good wake up it’s the breakfast, with its buffet of traditional, dietetic and biologic products, and the sweets made by our chef staff to satisfy the taste of greats and kids.


Три бассейна для отдыха и развлечения взрослых и детей


Голубой флаг с 2004 года

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